Recover Guyana's Shout Competition Winner 2023 Takes Stride Against Plastic Bottle Usage

In a bid to combat plastic bottle waste and promote sustainability, Vasanna Persaud winner of Recover Guyana’s Shout Competition, and Guyana’s National Youth Environmental Speaker has launched her water purification project within her school premises. Vasanna, having proposed her project in the first phase of the Shout Competition in 2023 on behalf of her school, Queen’s College, eventually emerged victorious and claimed the rights to the title as Guyana’s Top Youth Environmental Speaker.

Her initiative marks a significant step forward in the fight against environmental degradation and possibly one which can be emulated across schools in Guyana. The project, which received a grant from Recover Guyana as part of the prize package for the winner and their school, established a sophisticated water purification and cooling system on the grounds of Queen's College.

This system converts ordinary tap water into a clean, refreshing source of hydration, available to students, teachers, and visitors throughout the day. By offering an alternative to bottled water, the refill station not only promotes health and well-being but also reduces the school's dependence on single-use plastics. The launch event, held at Queen's College and attended by representatives including Dr. Omesh Balmacoon, Secretary of Recover Guyana, and Ms. Kumarie Lall, Headteacher of Queen's College, as well as Vasanna’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Persaud, showcased the tangible impact of her visionary project.

Supported by Recover Guyana, the initiative underscores the potential for collaboration between youth, academia, and environmental advocacy groups in effecting positive change. Dr. Omesh Balmacoon praised Persaud's initiative, highlighting its role in fostering environmental stewardship among Guyana's youth. “Projects like Vasanna's show that simple ideas come be brought to life to make big differences in the lives of others while at the same time protecting and preserving our planet,” remarked Dr. Balmacoon. Ms. Lall commended Persaud's dedication and leadership, emphasizing the project's potential to instill sustainable habits among students.

"Vasanna's project is a testament to the power of youth-driven initiatives in creating a more sustainable future," stated Ms. Rajkumar. Accompanied by her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Persaud, Vasanna expressed gratitude for the opportunity to enact change within her school community. "I am honored to have been selected as the winner of Recover Guyana's Shout competition," said Persaud. "With the support of my school and Recover Guyana, I am confident that we can make a meaningful impact in reducing plastic bottle waste." As Persaud's project gains traction at Queen's College, it serves as a beacon of hope for environmental activism across Guyana. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication, Vasanna and her peers are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future for all.

Recover Guyana will be launching Shout 2.0 in April of this year, preparing another youth environmental champion to make impacts needed to create a better planet for the future.

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